Imaginal Nurturing Soundtrack Package

All eight Imaginal Nurturing soundtracks are provided in this package.

These Imaginal Nurturing soundtracks introduce you to a younger part of your self to facilitate new experiences of compassion, caring, respect, and playfulness to promote the beginnings of a new relationship with yourself. The participant is guided through the perspectives of both the adult and child to gain a felt body experience of both nurturing and being nurtured and a sense of connectedness from both perspectives.


All eight soundtracks are including in this package.

Soundtracks are downloadable in mp3 format and include tracks for both men and women.  More information on the soundtracks is available on the Imaginal Nurturing page.

Soundtracks include:

“I’m So Glad You’re Here!”

With these guided imageries, you have the opportunity for experiences of gentle nurturing and connectedness. With my voice leading you, you are able to meet yourself afresh as the infant who came into this world whole and gifted. The infant here is a representation of the core of who you really are. This recording is not about healing the wounded child but rather developing a new relationship with yourself in the present.

Getting to Know You

“Getting to Know You” invites you, through your imagination, to hold this infant and to spend time becoming acquainted with each other.

Taking it in

“Taking it in” gives you the opportunity to provide nourishment for the baby. In both cases, you have the experience of the infant being held and nurtured as well as that of the nurturing adult.

Adventuring Spirit

These two soundtracks, each about 24 minutes, take Imaginal Nurturing to the next level by guiding you through experiences of a child delighting in exploring the world from the secure base of a caring adult. You are guided from the perspectives of both the adult and child.

“Look at you go!”

In the first imagery, you are invited into the lovely room of a toddler. The secure base is established as you rock with the child, and then observe as the little one is drawn over to the toy shelves across the room. Upon returning and re-connecting, this is repeated with you experiencing it from the child perspective.

Off to the Park

The second adventure is a trip to the park for you and a three or four year-old. These soundtracks are rich with sensory experiences that foster curiosity and pleasure away from the secure base as well as feelings of loving security.