Developing a Secure Self – Book

The 178-page Developing a Secure Self book (2020) is available in hard copy or downloadable pdf.  Included in the book are organizational tools which may be copied for your own clinical use.

The hard copy is in a convenient spiral-bound edition with protective acetate covers.  A “Talk to the Child” book mark and a balanced affect scale are tucked inside. Shipping not included in price.

The digital pdf version has no shipping charge and doesn’t include the “Talk to the Child” book mark and balanced affect scale.


Developing a Secure Self Book

Developing a Secure Self: An Attachment-Based Approach to Adult Psychotherapy (2020 edition) presents an approach that evolved out of my search to find a focused way in which to directly address the needs of my clients that are rooted in early insecure attachment relationships.

Please go to the “Developing a Secure Self” page for more information about this method, table of contents and responses from therapists using it. The book includes principles, dozens of clinical examples, sample Imaginal Nurturing scripts and organizational tools.