Developing a Secure Self (2020) (Book – hard copy)


The 178-page Developing a Secure Self book (2020, hard copy) is in a convenient spiral-bound edition with protective acetate covers. Included in the book are organizational tools which may be copied for your own clinical use. A “Talk to the Child” book mark and a balanced affect scale are tucked inside. Shipping charge applies.



Developing a Secure Self Book

Developing a Secure Self: An Attachment-Based Approach to Adult Psychotherapy (2020 edition) presents an approach that evolved out of my search to find a focused way in which to directly address the needs of my clients that are rooted in early insecure attachment relationships. Please go to the “Developing a Secure Self” page for more information about this method and for responses from therapists using it. The book includes principles, dozens of clinical examples, sample Imaginal Nurturing scripts and organizational tools.


Introduction 1
Background 1
Developing a Secure Self Components 5
Imaginal Nurturing Concepts 6

Attachment, Exploration, and Intersubjectivity 11
Concepts 11
Attachment Research 13
Clinical Indicators of Insecure Attachment 18
Continuum of Organized Attachment 22
Attachment and the Therapeutic Relationship 24

Organizational Tools 35
Case Conceptualization Guide 36
Attachment-Focused History 38
Nurturing and Encouraging Messages Sheet 42
Therapy Lifeline 44
Client Sheet 46
Balanced Affect Scale and Validity of Cognition Scale 48

Imaginal Nurturing 51
The concept 51
Who’s who in Imaginal Nurturing 51
Fundamentals of Imaginal Nurturing 55
Language 66

Imaginal Nurturing in Practice 73
Introducing Ego State Work 73
Memory-Based Imaginal Nurturing 73
Inspiration-Based Imaginal Nurturing 86
Variations of Inspiration-Based Imaginal Nurturing 95
Exploration Imagery 98
Incorporating I-N and DSS into therapy 104

Problems That May Arise in Imaginal Nurturing 107

Emotional Skills 117
Enhancing Skills Through Working With Structure 117
The Imaginal Home 120
Further Emotional Skills Enhancement 123

In Conclusion 137

Bibliography 131

Appendix A: Sample Scripts 143

Appendix B: Clinical Forms 163
Attachment-Focused History
Nurturing and Encouraging Messages Sheet
Therapy Lifeline
Client Sheet

Balanced Affect Scale


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